What Is A Repeat Prescription?

A repeat prescription means patients can have medicines dispensed on several occasions rather than going back to their GP each time. This needs to be easy for the patient but it is also important that it is done safely. Some medicines only work if they are taken correctly and some can be dangerous if taken incorrectly, some cause side effects and some need regular check-ups or blood tests to make sure they are working.

When you receive your repeat prescription it will show on the counterfoil on the right-hand side, the name of the medication, the quantity to take, the quantity issued and in brackets, and the date of when you prescription is due for renewal. Once you have reached the review date please contact the surgery on our website to renew your medication. Our pharmacists will contact you if they need to discuss your renewal or if you requiring routine monitoring, such as a blood pressure check or blood test.

How To Order A Repeat Prescription

You can order a repeat prescription the following ways:

Please note that we do not accept repeat orders over the telephone.

Your prescription will be sent electronically to your designated pharmacy after 3 working days.

If you are registered as a dispensing patient (Hillside and Riverbank Surgery patients only), we will dispense your medications for you at the surgery. We will of course endeavour to process urgent repeat prescriptions as soon as possible. Ensure you order your repeats at least three working days prior to running out. Should you run out and need urgent supplies when we are shut, you should call 111 to obtain a prescription which you can then take to any pharmacy to be dispensed.

Electronic Prescription Service

The Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) is an NHS service that allows you to choose the place you choose to get your medicines or appliances from.

If you wish to use this service, please complete our online Register For Electronic Prescription Service form.

Prescriptions Charges and Exemptions

In England, most working-age adults have to pay prescription charges. Certain groups are entitled to free NHS prescriptions and some prescribed items are always free, including contraceptives and medication for hospital inpatients. Please visit for more information.

Please see the following links for latest prescription costs and pre-payment certificates: